The Beginning

“You should write about it.”

GlendaMy name is Glenda; a work colleague told me the above after I described a bit of what happened to me during a trip to Cuba many years ago.

Not a typical beach vacation, it was during Cuba’s “Special Period”, one of several periods when reality sucked for so many ordinary Cubans.

I had written the whole adventure down – 19 typewritten, single-spaced pages. A second trip to the island resulted in a tendonitis-inducing 30 pages.

This was before blogging, before I even had a computer at home.

I wanted to document a bit of what I saw and felt back then.

Cuba is now, as of this writing near the end of 2016, undergoing so many changes, it’s no longer recognizable as the country I visited decades ago. My trips were exhausting, eye-opening adventures, and I shed tears each time I left.

I am very grateful to have had those experiences.

Of course, my globe encompasses more than tension-filled travel to socialist dictatorships.

There has also been a lot of self-reflective soul-searching, growing up and taking responsibility for my emotional and spiritual welfare.

This is where I get to explore all of that.

Thanks for dropping by.