For The Dogs In Our Lives

tail wagging, little bum wriggling,
tongue slurping on my hands and face
body curving in goofy demented joy –
eight pounds of bliss and bounce

squealing and scurrying to his
favorite toy, giving it a
shake to show who’s boss,
hurrying back in shaggy delight

I launch the sock knotted in two
and watch his euphoria embrace
even the air we breathe; playtime
bursts open and we frolic in glee

with a jump and a quiver he lands
on my lap – the cumbersome day
peels off my skin and I hold the
gleaming sun close in my hands



My mother’s hands rest on green,

the color of a blanket

I place across her lap,

the one she would use

while watching t.v.

the one she clutches as

we watch for the ambulance

while the night grows black.

My feet step on black,

the color of rubber mats

placed at a hospital door

to soften the entrance

of bodies hurrying

past white lights shining


I don’t stop for white

nor rest by it.

I walk until there are

no colors left

except black –

the sound of the

doctor sitting next to me

the night my mother died.

How To Trust Your Gut Instincts

Sixth sense, intuition, a gut feeling. I’ve heard and often repeated “trust your gut”.

But I didn’t do it until the manipulative, narcissistic interactions with an immediate family member had me looking for a way out.

I was co-dependent (and still working on that). I learned how to appease and give in, rather than listen to the niggling, uncomfortable warning that something’s not right.  Continue reading “How To Trust Your Gut Instincts”

Verbal Abuse – Why Do They Act That Way?

For anyone who’s ever been involved with verbally abusive and manipulative people, at some point we ask ourselves:

Why Do They Act Like That?

Why does a cat stalk a mouse? Because it’s a predator. Even when well fed (as my cats have confirmed) it will still hunt. Continue reading “Verbal Abuse – Why Do They Act That Way?”