Frugal Travel for the Over-40 Crowd

Why over 40?

I don’t know. It’s just a random age.

Frugal travel is, of course, for everyone so inclined. I figure that young people are already all over this idea so I’m putting it out there for those of us over (or way over) 40. Continue reading “Frugal Travel for the Over-40 Crowd”


Solo Travel For Women

Do you hesitate – or refuse – to travel alone? Think  it may not be safe? Worried you’ll be bored?

As an older solo female traveller, this is what I’ve done to cure solo travel apprehension.

Why Go Alone?

On my last few trips to Europe and the U.K., I traveled on my own, and as every solo traveler knows, there are advantages to this type of vacation: Continue reading “Solo Travel For Women”