Barcelona – A Disappointment

To my surprise, Barcelona disappointed me in ways I hadn’t expected. To quote Samuel Johnson, I needed to learn to “regulate imagination by reality”, and see things as they really are. Here you can find out what not to expect.


Determined Optimist

I had so looked forward to visiting Barcelona. I read about the architecture, I loved the operatic history of the city, the cultural riches.

I knew it would be a trip to remember. The only thing that worried me was dreading the return home after my visit there. I envisaged chaining myself to a Gaudí lamppost in Plaça Reial, with a “hell no, I won’t go” placard around my neck.

I didn’t have to worry. One by one my cherished illusions were ripped to shreds, and all the positive thinking in the world couldn’t change the reality of the city I tried so hard to like. Continue reading “Barcelona – A Disappointment”

My Dream Shatters – Barcelona’s Liceu Opera House

My knees crack against the seat’s armrest.

Without so much as an “excuse me”, “permiso” or even the Catalan equivalent of “get the hell out of my way”, a woman shoves past me and into her seat next to mine. Since I have an aisle seat, I’m first in the line of fire, with no other bodies next to me to cushion the blows and give fair warning of impending injuries. Continue reading “My Dream Shatters – Barcelona’s Liceu Opera House”