7 Books About Writing

I love to read about writing, to the point that it becomes an easy-to-justify avoidance technique: "I just need to see how _____________ approaches writer's block/plot/ideas/ structure/ description/dialogue. Then I'll  know what to do." Have you been there too? Nevertheless, books on writing also inspire, encourage and nudge us along. Here are some books that... Continue Reading →

Do You Hate Yoga?

"It helps you get more in touch with your body.” My osteopath acupressured my hip, ankle and lower back, then stated the above about yoga. I'm learning to listen to my body and tune in to my gut instincts, particularly when dealing with others, and especially when I get a weird vibe about something or someone. I've attempted yoga... Continue Reading →

Spooky Montreal Afternoon

Maybe the Roswell folks should see this. I admit, it's an odd-shaped figure for a space craft, but I don't know what "normal" is when it comes to alien spaceships. Perhaps it's the end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it and the spacecraft was sent to inspect the leftover detritus. Or maybe what we think is fog is actually a dissipating mushroom cloud.... Continue Reading →

Red-Tailed Hawk

Setting: city, close to downtown. A large park three blocks away, rail depot beyond it, and the St. Lawrence River past that (more or less a kilometre from the house). Saturday afternoon, April 1st, around 5p.m. this fellow shows up on my fence: We get the usual robins, blue jays, finches, sparrows, chickadees; a hummingbird comes... Continue Reading →

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