My Reading List

Since I love reading other people’s lists of favourite books, here are a few of mine. I’m not sure how much time I’ll dedicate to this post but for now I’ll start small:

Healing and Self-Empowerment

One book I absolutely love is:

In Sheep's ClothingIn Sheep’s Clothing, by Dr. George Simon.

This is the book that explained in eye-popping, specific detail how narcissists act and how much of current psychology just doesn’t get it. Narcissists often act the way they do simply because they choose to do so, not because of their upbringing or some deep inner insecurity. I was gob-smacked when I read each characteristic of an immediate family member’s behaviour so clearly explained – I thought Dr. Simon possibly knew him.


Character Disturbance - Dr. George SimonAlso by Dr. Simon (no photo, since it’s on my e-reader), is Character Disturbance, the Phenomenon of Our Age. I was more prepared for this one so didn’t suffer the same type of feeling that someone had been looking over my shoulder for several years.



Writing As A Way of HealingWriting As A Way of Healing, by Louise DeSalvo.

Not only does DeSalvo show, scientifically and anecdotally, how writing helps people’s emotional and physical health, it’s a fascinating read about how many well-known authors have written their way through abuse, life in totalitarian countries, death of children, terminal illness, depression – the list just goes on and on.



Victory over verbal abuseVictory Over Verbal Abuse, by Patricia Evans

Inner work, as described “a healing guide”. At the end of the book is a 52-week “Journey Through Time, One Week at a Time” with writing exercises to help you examine your feelings, talents, where you can go with your life and focus on and help yourself. I’ve gone through the short exercises once and am on my second time round, and it’s inspiring to check in on what I wrote a year ago and compare where I was then with where I am now.

Take the Bully by the Horns, by Sam HornTake the Bully by the Horns, by Sam Horn

Tips that can work for the garden-variety bully. Although empowering to know how to act and what to say to people like this, be aware that narcissists and manipulators will just ignore anything you say anyway. Don’t expect them to change. This book is to give you a few extra tools so that you are better equipped.



The Artist's WayThe Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.

The famous Artist’s Way: I first read it years ago, not because of dysfunction or abuse, but her suggestions on morning pages got me back to journalling on a regular. That changed my life in numerous ways – I basically journalled my way into buying my house (pretty empowering for a single woman whose parents never owned their own home).

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  1. I also love books that empower. They help to open us up and explore our perspectives about those places where the road can get a little rocky; and in some cases a bit creepy. Excellent choices which seem to have rocked your world in a helpful way. Bravo!

    1. Hey Sparkyjen, thanks for dropping by! Now I get to follow your site – totally cool! My taste in books is all over the place, but the past couple of years have been mostly delving into becoming who I’m meant to be. This blog is part of that. I look forward to reading your stuff!

  2. I have not heard of these books before. Thank you for listing them. It seems all of us know a narcissist. These books sound like good guides to know how to deal with them. I’m passing this information on to other people I know who need this help. I’m really glad you are here to spread your knowledge.

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