Solo Travel For Women

Solo Travel

Do you hesitate – or refuse – to travel alone? Think  it may not be safe? Worried you’ll be bored?

As an older solo female traveller, this is what I’ve done to cure solo travel apprehension.

Why Go Alone?

On my last few trips to Europe and the U.K., I traveled on my own, and as every solo traveler knows, there are advantages to this type of vacation: I set my own timetable each day, I am free to do as much – or as little – as my energy and inclination allows at any given moment, and I can change my plans at the last-minute hassle-free.

Although it can be enjoyable to have a travel companion to talk to about the new or bizarre, jarring or phenomenal experiences you stumble across, I find it can also be, ironically, more isolating.

With others, I’m distracted from the experience of total absorption in new surroundings.

Without filtering the experience through someone else’s opinions, positive or negative, my reflections are solely my own, my observations unadulterated.  I am more a part of where I am, not dependent on the companionship of someone else (comforting as it is at times).

But we all need human connections, sometimes even more so in the midst of unfamiliar surroundings.

My #1 Solo Travel Resource

Women Welcome Women Worldwide

I look upon every day to be lost, in which I do not make a new acquaintance.” – Samuel Johnson

Though I didn’t make a new acquaintance every day, none of the connections I made in Amsterdam, Barcelona, London and Edinburgh would have been possible without Women Welcome Women Worldwide (5W).

Jenny, a resident of Amsterdam, graciously offered to show me around the central part of that city.

Jenny and map, Amsterdam (photo by Glenda)

Four hours ago I didn’t know her, other than a few e-mail exchanges. Now, standing next to one of Amsterdam’s canals and getting our bearings, I’m having a wonderful time getting to know both Jenny and this remarkable city.

Six hours ago I didn’t know Magda, but I danced a Suriname-inspired merengue with her in her living room just before meeting up with Jenny.

Magda, 5W Amsterdam

For me, it is the close-to-ideal balance for solo travel.

The Goals of 5W

Travel to far-flung places or enjoy having guests in your home.
Make new friends in foreign lands or just around the corner.
Travelling with 5W is a safer way.
Imagine having a network of friends wherever you go –
having another woman to meet you at the airport when you arrive in a new country,
for example, is reassuring in a land far from home.”

5W’s purpose is to encourage connections and friendships among women of different countries and cultures.  It was founded in 1984 by Frances Alexander of the U.K.

In her words:

“Women have a gift for making friends,
and I know 5W has in its own way made the world a smaller place.
It pleases me that ordinary women travel the world,
discover the joy of befriending people
from very different cultures, and learn about themselves
at the same time in our web of international friendship.”

The day I spent with Jenny in Amsterdam we looped our way around canals, through Dam Square, to the Royal Palace and then to Rembrandthuis as we discussed everything from the history of the Dutch royal family to the emotional toll for women working the Red Light district.

Reciprocity is the goal of 5W. I have been offered accommodation by some members, and in return I bought groceries, invited my hostesses to supper, and have hosted visitors myself at my home. Give and take and mutual respect are the pillars of what makes the organization so worthwhile.

The  Benefits

Barcelona had nearly slapped away all my preconceived positive ideas about her, but then a lovely expat Argentinian, Gloria, received me into her apartment for a chat over a glass of cava and a home-cooked meal. I felt so comfortable with her – as I would with other 5W members – that it seemed we had known each other for longer than a few short hours.

Gloria and her cat Gaucho, Barcelona

I left Barcelona with the memory of a congenial, human connection that helped dispel the gloom settling over my severely bruised optimism of the city.

In Eindhoven, Netherlands, I wanted to see where my had served as an Allied soldier during WWII.  On my own, I would have looked around and snapped a few photos.

And missed so much.

5W member Cocky volunteered to be my personal tour guide for a day.

Cocky (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
I probably would not have found out about the Commonwealth cemetery for World War II soldiers had I been by myself, since it is tucked away from the main area of town:

Commonwealth War Graves, Eindhoven, Netherlands

However, walking through the city with Cocky, seeing things through the eyes of someone born shortly before the end of World War II, I had a visceral reaction that: “it wasn’t in vain”.

5W Has Enriched My Life

Here in Montreal, 5W has given me the chance to meet  travel-happy women visiting from the United States, France, Australia and New Zealand, as well as make new friends with local members.

In Conclusion

Being a member of 5W is like being part of a crazy patchwork quilt, not all cut from the same linguistic or national cloth or pattern, yet when all sewn together, we often find warmth and connection, as the threads stitching women’s lives together bind us in a commonality irrespective of where we call home.

I think 5W is the best of several worlds: independent travel, new friends in new places, and an eclectic, charming and adventurous group of women right here in my home town.



Author: Boheme4ever

Personal development, global travel. The stuff of my life.

7 thoughts on “Solo Travel For Women”

  1. I was recently in Portland , OR and met a woman from Australia at Starbucks when we shared a table. She told me about 5W’s We had a very nice conversation which led me to google information and I found this link. I can’t wait to start using 5W’s when I travel.

    1. Thanks so much for your positive comment about 5Ws. I just met a couple of other local 5Wers here in Montreal, I organized a small get-together at a great little African restaurant last week. Some of the women have been members for years and were recounting all kinds of travel stories and the women they have met in various countries. One of the ladies said her goal is to visit every state capital of the U.S., she has 8 left. Once you join, look up the Montreal (Quebec, Canada) members and come for a visit!

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